All are welcome to attend the awards and medals ceremony, which will take place in the University's auditorium 7 October 2022. The programme starts at 6 p.m.

Read more below about some of these awards and medals and their recipients:

Hjärnäpplet - The Uppsala University Innovation Prize

In just 30 minutes, their test can determine which antibiotic is needed to treat a urinary tract infection. Johan Elf and Özden Baltekin are awarded Hjärnäpplet for their innovation that will contribute to reducing antibiotic resistance and providing more personalised care.

Hjärnäpplet award goes to Johan Elf and Özden Baltekin

The Linnaeus Medal

The Linnaeus Medal has been awarded to Lars Lind, Professor of Medicine at the Department of Medical Sciences. He is distinguished for his epidemiological research based on large population studies and his contribution to the national public-health survey project SCAPIS.

Linnaeus medalist and Rudbeck medalists nominated

The Rudbeck Medal

In 2022, the Rudbeck Medal has been awarded to Lena Claesson-Welsh, Professor of Medical Biochemistry in the Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Emily Holmes, Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology and Wang Yi, Professor of Computer Engineering in the Department of Information Technology.

Linnaeus medalist and Rudbeck medalists nominated

The Torgny Segerstedt Medal

This year, the Torgny Segersted Medal has been awarded to Mikael Stenmark, Professor of Philosophy of Religion at the Department of Theology. "He has unusually combined the role of an internationally established researcher and teacher with collegial responsibility as head of department, deputy dean and dean," according to the citation.

Torgny Segerstedt Medal and Geijer Prize winners announced

The Martin Henriksson Holmdahl Prize

This year's Martin Henriksson Holmdahl Prize for human rights and freedoms is awarded to Professor Birgitta Essén, Senior Physician in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Professor of International Women's and Maternal Health Care and Professor at Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital.

Birgitta Essén receives the Martin H:son Holmdahl Prize

Ulla and Stig Holmquist Prize

Kenneth Wärnmark, Professor at Lund University, has been named the recipient of the Ulla and Stig Holmquist Science Prize in Organic Chemistry 2022. He is distinguished for his pioneering work in supramolecular chemistry and organic synthesis.

Kenneth Wärnmark awarded the Ulla and Stig Holmquist Prize

The Oscar Prize

Research on the link between climate change and conflict and on the brain's networks and signalling substances will be distinguished with the 2022 Uppsala University Oscar Prize. This year's recipients are Nina von Uexkull, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, and Andreas Frick, Department of Medical Sciences.

This year’s Oscar Prize recipients selected

The Geijer Prize

This year, the Geijer Prize goes to Viktor Persarvet for his doctoral dissertation "Tariff, Trade, and Economic Growth in Sweden 1858-1913" and Astrid Wendel-Hansen for her doctoral dissertation "Dress Matters: Clothes and Social Order in Tallinn, 1600-1700".

Torgny Segerstedt Medal and Geijer Prize winners announced

The Distinguished Teaching Award

This year's teaching awards go to Professor Thomas Nygren of the Department of Education, Associate Professor Brian Palmer of the Department of Theology, Professor Terry Hartig of the Department of Psychology, Professor Marie Allen of the Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology and Senior Lecturer Kjell Staffas of the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Winners of 2022 teaching awards announced

Alumnus of the Year

Under the original plan, the role of national vaccination coordinator would have already been completed. But with a virus that evades both immune system defences and vaccines, Richard Bergström's coordinating efforts are still needed. He is now being named Uppsala University's Alumnus of the Year for 2022.

Alumnus of the Year: “Humanities students also need a dose of life science”

In addition to these medals and prizes, the Björkén Prize will also be awarded.