Build for the future (BFF) is a new form of financing, what is it about?
We have noticed that researchers may need support to find the right partners outside of academia to be able to prepare applications for major funding programs. The purpose of BFF is to provide funds that can be used to support researchers to build consortia for major calls where at least one external, non-academic party, must be included. Examples are Vinnova´s Competence Center and Challenge-Driven Innovation (UDI), or EIT and IMI calls. The BFF funds are a complement to other support offered by UU Innovation for finding suitable partners for collaboration, e.g. access to networks and help with agreements.

What is the background of BFF?
BFF is a demand-driven pilot initiative at Uppsala University, made possible through a Vinnova-funded project where our university is one of seven participating institutions. The project will continue until 2020 and the aim is to test different forms of collaborative funding that will result in recommendations and models for further use.

Who can apply, and what can be applied for?
– BFF is for Uppsala University researchers who need financing to support consortium building prior to a specific call (with a deadline within one year of filing). The BFF funds can be used for booking meetings, planning meetings and for trips for Uppsala University employees to visit external parties or meetings.


How do I apply?
You can apply for BFF funds at any time. It’s easy to apply. Payment of funds is made to the researcher's department once a short report of the outcome has been submitted.

 Application form on the UU Innovation website

Text: Sara Gredemark
Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt