Uppsala University awards the Oscar Prize annually to promising young researchers at Uppsala University. The prize will be awarded in the Grand Auditorium on 9 October. The prize sum of SEK 140,000 is divided between two recipients.

Josefin Lindgren is associate senior lecturer in Swedish as a second language at the Department of Scandinavian Languages. She took a PhD in linguistics at Uppsala University in 2018 with a thesis on vocabulary and oral narration among monolingual and multilingual children in Sweden.

From the nomination citation: “A central theme of her research is linguistic development in children below pre-school age and in early school years. She has made a significant contribution to expertise in the field concerning children’s vocabulary and narrative ability through a rich scholarly production. She has contributed important international inspiration for research into multilingualism in Uppsala.”














Josefin Lindgren and Elin Svensson are the recipients of this year’s Oscar Prize.

Elin Svensson is a docent in pharmacometrics at the Department of Pharmacy and researches into global health with a focus on tuberculosis. Her research is focused on optimising pharmaceutical therapy through mathematical models based on clinical data.

From the nomination citation: “Elin Svensson /…/ has established herself as a leading force globally within tuberculosis research. Her work on how clinical data can be processed using mathematical models to optimise pharmaceutical therapies has led in several cases to proposals and recommendations for new dosing strategies for improved therapy, which have been adopted by pharmaceutical authorities. She has also had a particular focus on developing appropriate dosages for children, a patient group that often only receives evidence-based dosages several years after dosage recommendations have been established for adults.”