Uppsala University has entered into a new framework agreement for translation services from Swedish to English (UK or US). Under the agreement, there are approved suppliers in each of the following five areas: library, financial, IT, legal and administrative, and communications. The agreement applies from 1 May.

The subject matter of the text you are sending for translation determines the area from which you choose a supplier. So, for example, if you work at the IT Division and want to order a translation of a financial report, you choose the ‘Financial’ area. If your area is not listed, please contact the University’s contact persons for advice. The suppliers are not ranked. Instead, you choose the most appropriate supplier on the basis of work samples, previous experience and/or price.

The suppliers have undertaken to supply high-quality translations from Swedish to English. The texts must be accurate in linguistic, stylistic and technical respects, and use expressions, concepts, words and abbreviations in a consistent and generally accepted manner. The language must flow well, be readable, easy for the target group to understand and idiomatic.

Each supplier has one or more approved translator(s).

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