“The previous guidelines were from 2014, so an update was needed to include the positions that exist in the current University-wide bodies,” says Coco Norén, the University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, who has driven the issue forward.

Doctoral students have called for a more consistent and fairer treatment of the extension of the period of study (prolongation). The Doctoral Board was invited in spring 2021 to propose desired changes. The proposed new guidelines were then circulated for comments to all disciplinary domains, the faculty offices, the Legal Affairs Division, the Student Affairs and Academic Registry Division and the Human Resources Division.

After approval by the Vice-Chancellor, the new guidelines came into effect on 1 February.

The decision brings small increases. At the request of the Doctoral Board, the extension granted is being increased for five roles:

  • The extension is being increased for three roles:

Delegates on disciplinary domain boards/faculty boards – increased from 15 to 20 working days/year,
Vice Chair of the Doctoral Board – increased from 15 to 20 working days/year,
Member of the Doctoral Board – increased from 8 to 10 working days/year.


  • Two new roles are added on the Faculty Doctoral Student Councils:

Webmaster – 5 working days/year,
Events Manager – 5 working days/year.

The guidelines contain three new additions: for new other elected positions on boards, committees and councils established by the University Board, Vice-Chancellor or University Director, or by a disciplinary domain board/faculty board, the extension is 5 working days/year.

“The guidelines set minimum levels,” says Per Grängsjö, analyst in the University Administration.

“Disciplinary domain boards and faculty boards have the right to decide on further extensions for roles that they finance.”

The new guidelines also state that an application for funding must be made while the doctoral studies are in progress but no earlier than six months before the normal period of doctoral studies would end.
The former rule that “applications for extensions of less than five days will not be considered” has been removed.


The proposal on extensions for elected positions on the Doctoral Board is in line with the current “Recommendations on extension of doctoral students’ period of employment and study in connection with certain elected positions” issued by the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions (REK. 2020:2, Reg. no: 0030-20).