The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges in the area of active teaching for both teachers and students. How is active and engaged learning affected by the new ‘learning environments’ that have arisen lately? How can teachers and students work together for more active participation in online, distance and hybrid education?

These are some of the questions discussed by Alison Cook-SatherCatherine BovillCherie Woolmer and Peter Felten – all of whom are internationally leading researchers and educational developers in the field of active student participation and student-faculty partnerships. 

The podcast is in English and has been recorded at the Unit for Academic Teaching and Learning at Uppsala University.

“It is intended to provide inspiration to teachers – they can use the material in discussions with colleagues, for example, or in conversations with their students, on learning and on opportunities for students to get engaged in teaching and learning,” says Ulrike Schnaas, educational developer, who adds that no decision has yet been made on whether – and if so, how – to continue with podcasts.

You can listen to the podcast here.
Subtitles will be available soon.