“Campus Gotland has developed into an important and significant addition to Uppsala University. We have been successful in achieving our goals of increasing the number of on-campus students and developing research,” notes Vice-Chancellor Anders Hagfeldt.

“It’s now time to take the next step in order to create the best possible conditions for activities in Visby. A new board and a Gotland-based committee will help us strengthen both academic quality and relations with the region.”

In order to implement the proposed changes, the University Board needs to make changes to the University’s rules of procedure. The decision to revise the rules of procedure is planned to be taken at the meeting of the University Board in April 2023.

Once the rules of procedure have been revised, the Vice-Chancellor can proceed with a decision on instructions to the Campus Gotland Board, the Gotland Committee and the Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor on Campus Gotland.

The changes currently being proposed are in part the result of a review of the University’s activities on Campus Gotland that was presented in March 2022, and in part of an internal round of consultations linked to that review.

Proposed changes

A new board, to be known as the ‘Campus Gotland Board’, will be established, containing six members from disciplinary domain and faculty boards, two members appointed by students and one member from the University Administration.

The plan is for the Campus Gotland Board to work on development, coordination and increased promotion of activities. It has also been proposed that the current Advisory Board for Campus Gotland be discontinued.

In dialogue with the disciplinary domain and faculty boards, the Campus Gotland Board will make proposals on how to allocate the base amount for research and educational mandates. The allocation of direct government funding for research and the funding ceiling for education will be managed within the ordinary operational planning process. It it proposed that the Board have right of proposal regarding special strategic funding to promote activities at Campus Gotland.

As a supplement to the Campus Gotland Board, it is proposed that a Gotland Committee be established. This Committee is to provide advice to the Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor on Campus Gotland and consist of teachers and researchers who work on the campus as well as students.

Different assignment for Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor

It is proposed that the Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor on Campus Gotland remain in place but undertake different duties. The proposal is for the Adviser to become chief rapporteur and to work for the Campus Gotland Board. It is proposed that greater emphasis be placed on coordinating and developing activities in collaboration with disciplinary domain and faculty boards.