What exactly is the career portal (UU CareerGate)?

“UU CareerGate is a portal targeted at all of the University’s students. Everything from job adverts, traineeships, degree projects and essay adverts to career tips, articles and tons of events with a focus on career planning can all be found there. And of course our ‘Career Tuesday’ initiative is also there. The portal is targeted at students planning for a career both in Sweden or abroad.” (Editor’s note: ‘Career Tuesday’ refers to various events aimed at preparing students for their working life).

Why is it being described as a “new” career portal?

“There is a new supplier, but the transition also means above all that we can now offer more comprehensive digital support to our students. The system is used by almost 600 European higher education institutions and we therefore hope to also be able to highlight a larger international range of job adverts and events to those students seeking an international career path.”

How will students notice the transition to a new career portal?

“The new UU CareerGate has broader and more in-depth content than the old career portal. There is now a wide range of career support options, articles to read, links for deep dives and corporate pages to follow.

“We are also pleased that the new portal is also available to our alumni via the alumni database, meaning students who have completed their education can continue to receive digital career support from Uppsala University.”

Why should employees keep an eye on the career portal – isn’t it targeted at students?

“Above all else, we need help in getting the message out that we have a career portal. Reaching all of the University’s students with information is a communicative challenge that remains just as relevant each new semester. The more employees who are aware of and use UU CareerGate themselves, the more students will find their way to it.

“As an employee of the University, maybe you’re considering the next step in your career? UU CareerGate is available to all employees who log in with their UU account. The portal has career tips and articles for those looking to prepare themselves before the next step in their career.”

Can we at the University recruit new employees via UU CareerGate?

“Absolutely, get in touch with us and we will guide you in the advertising process.”