On the 1st of September, a new framework agreement went into force for the purchase of “food products of a consumer nature”. The supplier is Mathem AB. In simple terms, it covers food products available in a grocery store, but the purchase is made via a webshop and the products can be delivered to any of the University’s campuses in Uppsala.

“It can be anything from buying coffee for those with a small coffee maker, crisps and sweets for an event, or breakfast for overnighting students. We have seen that small purchases of food products can add up to large sums. A framework agreement was therefore needed,” says University Procurer Maria Jonsson of the Financial Administration and Procurement Division.

Catering services are not included in this agreement (see below which products and services are not included). Since it seems to be unclear where the line between catering and food products lies, Maria Jonsson suggests that one asked themselves “Can I get this from a regular grocery store?” If the answer is yes, it is included in the new food products agreement.

“The new agreement also covers larger purchases for the Department of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics and the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study. However, it does not cover products in bulk packaging for commercial kitchens, as we have other suppliers for such, and there are also some other excluded items.”

The framework agreement does not include:

  • Catering services
  • Fruit baskets
  • Flowers
  • Books
  • Hygiene paper and plastic products
  • Cleaning products

The agreement does not cover the purchase of tobacco, snuff and medicine. Moreover, it does not cover the purchase of food products in bulk for use in commercial food prep kitchens.

The framework agreement supplements the University’s existing agreements and runs for two years, with the option of two 12-month extensions. The supplier shall provide a webshop with a wide assortment of food products for successive orders and delivery of food products to all of the University's campuses in Uppsala.

Delivery shall be to the ordering unit. All departments/equivalent within the University’s campuses in Uppsala (same company registration number) have the right to call off orders at the prices and conditions specified in the framework agreement.

Delivery fee:
Orders over SEK 2,000          SEK 0
Orders below SEK 2,000       SEK 79

Discount 1%

How to order from the agreement: (until it is possible to place orders in the product web).

Contact the supplier to open an account:
Supplier Mathem, email: foretag@mathem.se , tel. Customer Service 020-15 10 10, Monday-Friday 7.00 to 23.00, Saturday 9.00-21.00, Sunday 9.00-23.00.