We are now looking forward to nominations for this year's scholarship of SEK 30,000.

To qualify for the scholarship, the candidate needs to identify as a woman, be 35 years old or younger, be a PhD student at one of the two universities and have a gender perspective in her research. A further merit is to have conducted "efforts in the spirit of Karin Westman Berg", such as, for example, different sorts of commitment to gender equality within academia.

The scholarship is funded by the Fredrika Bremer Association’s Scholarship Foundation (Fredrika Bremer Förbundets Stipendiestiftelse). The recipient is free to use the funds as she pleases and is given the opportunity to present her research at the award ceremony.

The nomination should be no more than half an A4 page per candidate and is to be mailed to katharina.meurer@slu.se by 12 pm on 18 October 2021.

The nomination should present why the nominee is a good candidate for the Karin Westman Berg scholarship, and should also contain a brief description of the nominee’s research and its importance from a gender perspective. Don’t forget to state the name and institutional status of the nominee. It is possible to nominate several candidates.