In line with tradition, the recipients of the five Nobel Prizes are always presented in the first half of October. After this, their research and work are typically presented, discussed and commented on by the media.

This year, Uppsala University is creating a new event to make the research behind the Nobel prizes more accessible and comprehensible for everyone. On Thursday 13 October 2022, the University is inviting people to attend the event named ‘The Nobel Prize in 60 minutes’. Researchers from the University will hold popular scientific presentations of this year’s Nobel prizes, and the audience will have an opportunity to pose questions to the researchers.

Why are we holding yet another event about the Nobel Prize? After all, Uppsala University invites the Nobel laureates to give public lectures in connection with the prize ceremony in December each year – is this not sufficient?

“It’s not always easy to attend the Nobel lectures held during the day or in English. Many of our students have teaching then and cannot attend, for example. By holding this event in the evening, we hope to reach more people and potentially a different audience. Uppsala University also has a number of researchers involved in the Nobel Prize in many different ways, who can effectively explain why these specific scientific discoveries are being awarded the Nobel Prize,” explains Pernilla Björk, Director of Communications.

What do you hope that those attending the event will take away from the evening?

“I hope they will gain a better understanding of this year’s Nobel Prizes and what they mean for our everyday lives.”