Sometimes many good things happen at once, for example, on Wednesday 24 November. On that day you can pick and choose your own combination of these events organised at Uppsala University:

  • Grants Day on research funding.
  • Start of the seminar series Conversations on research ethics.
  • Open Innovation Coaching SciLifeLab.
  • Conference on the education environment and education law.
  • Access to material not available in the University Library.
  • Introduction to 3D printing.

Grants Day 2021

Seminar with information on national and international research funding bodies. You will receive guidance on how to succeed in your research application.

Running on both 24 and 25 November in the mornings. Registration by 19 November. Online seminar.

Conversations on research ethics

Conversations on research ethics is a new seminar series that starts on the morning of 24 November with the seminar “The good research environment – does it exist and how do you create it?"

In this seminar series, broad questions relevant to the whole university will be discussed. The hope is to form a platform for discussion on everything from research misconduct and ethical review to the peer conversation and its limitations.

Morning. Registration by 22 November. You can choose between an online or physical seminar.

Open Innovation Coaching SciLifeLab

Meet with a business advisor to discuss how your research could be used outside of your immediate research environment. In concrete terms, this is about discussing your research in order to identify potential applications for its results. This might be new methods, models or solutions that have advantages over existing ones and that you believe have the potential to be useful outside of your immediate research environment.

Pre-booked individual half-hour meetings via Zoom on 24 and 25 November. These conversations are, of course, confidential.

Conference on the education environment and education law

Full-day conference on the education environment and education law. This conference is a way of inspiring and supporting research and education in the area of education law and contributing to collaborations with other areas of society.

Runs all day, physical conference. Registration by 8 November.

Access to materials not available in the University Library

Lecture on how the University Library can help you obtain material not found in the Library’s collections or e-resources.

Lunch lecture via Zoom. Registration required.

Introduction to 3D printing

Introduction course required for using the 3D printers at the Ångström Makerspace.

Late afternoon on site. Registration required.