The evaluation highlights that the research are of very high quality with respect to clinical significance and societal impact and that there is good prerequisites for research career development. ALF Region Uppsala receives top rating for the scientific output as well as for the clinical significance and societal impact. In the third category – prerequisites for clinical research – Uppsala is judged to have good-high quality.

Outstanding results for Uppsala

Uppsala is the only ALF Region in Sweden that get the grade very high quality for clinical significance and societal impact. In the evaluation, the performed strategic work with the national quality registries is pointed out as outstanding.

In the evaluation, the scientific international panel specifically mentions a few extra prominent prerequisites for clinical research in Sweden such as access to national research infrastructures, quality registries and biobanks.

ALF Region Uppsala receives praise for improvement made

Regarding prerequisites for clinical research ALF Region Uppsala show good quality within all evaluated areas. In some areas the prerequisites are even rated as a model for other ALF Regions. This is true for research infrastructure, possibilities for studies abroad and to several opportunities for medical research during a career. Even though the international panel noted impressive improvement in certain areas, there are still some aspects within the clinical research that can be further improved.

“Uppsala is the only ALF Region in Sweden that has received highest grading for clinical research of major relevance for the healthcare. This is research that results in a societal impact. We have been able to show that the research is of use for patients and creates added value regarding a more efficient use of our common resources”, states Peter Stålberg, former Director of Research at Uppsala University Hospital and Professor at the Department of Surgical Sciences.

”In the recent evaluation, 2018, Uppsala did not receive highest grade in any of the evaluated areas. Hence, it is extra gratifying that our work to change the development has given positive results. We have now evidence that Uppsala is an attractive environment for clinical research. We will however not be satisfied with this but aim to continue with the work to improve the prerequisites for clinical research even more”, says Karin Forsberg Nilsson, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Professor at the Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology. “Above all, clinical researchers need more time for research”, she concludes.

Our results have effects internationally

“Our scientific publication was judged to be of highest quality. This implies that our research gets international impact”, states Eva Tiensuu Janson, Deputy Vice-Rector at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy and Professor in Medicine. “The international panel especially pointed out the ability of ALF Region Uppsala to lead and participate in clinical trials that can lead to novel evidence based patient care.”

The high grades will lead to a considerable increase in the ALF grant for research, and are the result of very good collaboration between Region Uppsala and Uppsala University.

“Our systematic work has yielded results and our close cooperation is reflected in these top marks. The fact that there has also been a positive development since the last evaluation is very gratifying”, says Andreas Scheutz, Research and Innovation Director at Region Uppsala, and continues: “We will now continue to promote good initiatives in development and innovations here in Uppsala.”

According to the Swedish Research Council, the evaluation shows in summary that clinical research in Sweden is generally of high quality and in several cases very high quality.