What types of employees are you seeking for the event?

- Anyone who would like to contribute to the programme and has a connection to mental health/illness and wellbeing. Employees in student support services or, for example, teachers, researchers or similar who have a topic they would like to hold a workshop or lecture on. This could also include employees who would like to contribute an element to the programme involving some form of social activity or similar that promotes health and well-being.

When should employees apply to participate in the theme week?

- The deadline for registering is 22 June, and programme content must be finalised by 1 September.

This is the second time Mental Health Week is being held. Any particular lessons and insight from last year's event?

- Last year's week was very popular with both students and staff, and we are pleased to be able to arrange this week once again. We are looking into the possibility of recording certain lectures, as this was requested last year.

What do you hope this week will contribute in terms of knowledge and awareness about mental health/illness?

- An important signal that this week sends out to our students is that we are a higher education institution that cares about our students and that we want them to be healthy and happy, but also that there is help out there for anyone who needs it.