In his role, Marcus will be the contact person for the programmes’ course administrators. They can contact him if they want something presented to the steering group for Studium. His task is also to pick up questions for the project group. That could, for example, be suggestions for development areas or views on functions and design.

Marcus will participate in the Committee for Undergraduate and Advanced Education at the Faculty of Medicine (GRUNK), to talk about what is going on in the Studium group, and to convey questions and information. He will also participate in the steering group for Studium and thus become a link between it and the programmes.

Marcus starts his assignment as Studium coordinator on 1 December 2021. It is financed by GRUNK, which also appoints the position one year at a time.

It is critical to clarify that his role is not a support function. If you have any questions concerning Studium support, you should, as before, contact