Svindlande vindlingar: En personlig berättelse om örats inre skönhet by Helge Rask-Andersen is based on the popular science lectures about the ear that the author has given over the years. Helge Rask-Andersen is a professor of experimental otology at the Department of Surgical Sciences. This is a tribute to the body's sensuous creations, unfathomably wisely constructed in the ear.

Livet efter en handbok by Kajsa Kramming is a climate feel-good book published in spring 2022. The author works as a test designer for the National Tests in Geography at Uppsala University.

Bättre än perfekt. En självhjälpsbok för perfektionister by Alexander Rozental gives a nuanced view of the pros and cons of perfectionism. This is a concrete handbook with tools for change in the areas that cause problems in life. The author, an associate professor at our university, provides explanations that aim to give the reader an understanding of the perfectionist's behaviour.

Judarnas historia i Sverige by Carl Henrik Carlsson is a survey work and provides a comprehensive picture of the history of the Jews in Sweden. The author is a researcher at the Department of History.

En akademi finner sin väg by Hans Ellegren is a book about the natural sciences in Uppsala during the period 1744–1800. The author is a professor of evolutionary biology at the Department of Ecology and Genetics.

Yttre tankar & inre handlingar by Evindar Akdogan is a book of poems with both humour and dark undertones. The author is currently earning his speech therapist degree from Uppsala University.

In the book Diplomatens sista depesch: reflektioner från ett liv i rikets tjänst, Johan Molander talks about his experiences of Swedish foreign policy and our international relations, not least with Russia, and gives glimpses from various negotiation tables. The author is an alumnus of Uppsala University.

In the book Lagerlöfs läsare: allmänhetens brev till Selma Lagerlöf, literary scholars Jenny Bergenmar and Maria Karlsson discuss the history of not only the readers, but also the writing. Maria Karlsson is a researcher and teacher at Uppsala University's Department of Literature.

Svarta Saint-Barthélemy: människoöden i en svensk koloni 1785–1847 by Fredrik Thomasson focuses on the fate of slaves under Swedish rule. The author is a researcher at the Department of History.

In the book Trailrunning Sthlm: 50 löpvänliga stigar från Mörkö i söder till Märsta, Maja Lagerqvist, of the Department of Human Geography, and Annikas Strandin Pers give tips on experiential running in everyday life.

Nr 81 Johan Kind och Kronprins Karl Johan by Kjell Aleklett depicts the Second Napoleonic War from the perspective of the supreme commander, Karl Johan Bernadotte, and from the perspective of one of the soldiers on the ground. The author is professor emeritus at the Department of Earth Sciences.