Hugo Alfvén is a frequent name in compilations of Sweden's leading composers. His music belongs to the late national romanticism, and he wrote over 200 works including symphonies, choral arrangements, songs and rhapsodies. His choral works and songs are perhaps the most popular today. Search results on Spotify show that Hugo Alfvén's music has almost 70,000 listeners a month.

In October, three concerts and an introductory lecture will be given at Uppsala University to celebrate the jubilee.

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Hugo Alfvén was Director of Music at Uppsala University from 1910 until his retirement in 1939. Director of Music (Director Musices) is a title at Uppsala University that dates back to the 1620s. Director of Music is conductor and artistic director of the Royal Academic Orchestra, Uppsala University's symphony orchestra.

During his years at the university, he was also artistic director for the Orphei Drängar male choir as well as the Allmänna Sången choir for some of the time.

Hugo Alfvén was also among those housed in an official residence by the university. He first lived in Linneanum. Thanks to a donation, the Musicum building could be built, with rehearsal rooms and an official residence for the Director of Music. Hugo Alfvén moved house during 1930 and was the first to use the official residence.