The agreement specifies that those making a booking should contact Resebutiken i Kalmar directly, who will then book the train journey. One of the purposes of the agreement is to make it easier for employees to travel in a more environmentally friendly way over long distances in Europe.

We put a few questions to Marie Engegard, Travel Coordinator at the Financial Administration and Procurement Division.

Why can the procured travel agency not manage this? 
“There is no cooperation between international train companies, which has made it difficult to pre-book and pay for a train journey. Some suppliers have become specialists in booking train journeys abroad, however, as this travel agency has. They offer help with booking train journeys throughout Europe and the rest of the world, but they cannot book journeys within Sweden.”

Do we need to have any specific information to hand when contacting them?
“Just the typical details such as name, date of birth, mobile number, country of residence, invoice reference and cost centre. You will also need a passport number/national ID card for journeys in Schengen.”

Are there any limitations?
“I would say: Contact them in good time! Some tickets need to be sent by registered post. Also, be sure to specify clearly what type of carriage or compartment you want to sit in,” explains Engegard.