In early summer 2022, the Language Council of Sweden launched an initiative they named ‘Klarspråkshjälpen’ – Plain language help. The help comprises three parts:

  • Getting started
  • Writing plain language (Swedish)
  • Assessing your text

The ‘Assessing your text’ part could be extremely useful for those who write extensively in their role and want their texts to be understood by many people. Read more about the plain language help (in Swedish).


If you are interested in the public authority term group’s work, you can participate in the ‘Språkarbete i samarbete’ (‘Collaboration on language work’) webinar on Thursday 27 October, 13:00–16:00 via Zoom. Members of the public authority term group will explain their work and areas in which they collaborate. There will also be an opportunity to discuss practical examples from the public authority term list.

Agenda and Zoom link.  Bookmark it now!

Lots of tips and advice concerning plain language can also be found on the Staff Portal.