Uppsala University has two comprehensive newsletters, one aimed at people outside the University and one for an internal audience. The internal newsletter, Aktuellt för medarbetare/News for Staff, is published in English and Swedish and emailed to all unique employee e-mail addresses in the directory.

The external newsletter comes about once a month during the semester and focuses on research and collaboration. Of course, employees may also be interested in its contents.

“You can read about the latest research in various subject areas, important events at the University, collaborative projects and innovations. We want to reflect the full range of our activities and give tips on current events,” says Annica Hulth, editor of the external Uppsala University Newsletter.

Start subscribing

But you need to actively subscribe to the external newsletter to receive it. It is available in both Swedish and English. You choose which one you prefer.

“I don’t think everyone has discovered that the external newsletter is available in both Swedish and English. Certainly, there are many English-speaking employees who would enjoy the Uppsala University Newsletter in English.”

The newsletter and the magazine complement each other

In addition to the external newsletter, Uppsala University also has a paper magazine that is published once a year in Swedish and English.

The magazine and the external newsletter have the same focus on research and collaboration. They also complement each other because the newsletter comes out every month and is more news-oriented than the magazine.

“Our target audience is decision-makers and managers, research funding bodies and collaborators both within and outside Sweden. In addition, the newsletter is sent to a large proportion of the University’s alumni. But everything is based on choosing to subscribe, so feel free to spread the word about the newsletter in your own networks!”