SciFest, which is held at Fyrishov in Uppsala, gives curious people of all ages the chance to test out and get a taste of research and its applications across all disciplinary domains. Before COVID-19 struck, SciFest usually welcomed around 8,500 visitors. This will be the first science festival on site since the pandemic. The working group at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Uppsala University has just begun planning.

SciFest is a great opportunity for researchers from all disciplines to tell people more about their research. Remember to register and consider what exciting workshops and activities could make your specific research comprehensible and interesting. Registration opens in early May for researchers looking to take part.

“SciFest was previously held in March. We are now running the same popular concept at a new time of the year, and we hope that many researchers will take the opportunity to present and explain their research,” says Sami Vihriälä, project manager at SciFest.

Workshops for enthusiasts

The SciFest working group also offers workshops managed by the museum educators Leif Hallsén and Cecilia Ödman, at which you as a researcher can get tips and advice about how to design your SciFest activity.