Together with a consortium, Uppsala University has been tasked with implementing a new global leadership programme in the field of sustainable development: Leadership for Transformative Change. During the period 2023–2025, 60 participants from across the globe will be offered a place on the programme.

Help share the invitation

All employees at Uppsala University are now being encouraged to spread information about the leadership programme in their networks.

“We would like employees at the University to share the invitation to Leadership for Transformative Change within their networks, both nationally and internationally,” says Klas Palm, programme director of Leadership for Transformative Change.

The purpose of the leadership programme is to strengthen each participant’s capacity to manage future change initiatives and to help their organisations evolve. The leadership programme is open to participants from all sectors of society in low, middle and high-income countries. It targets people in a leadership position who have ambitions to work on sustainable development at their organisation.

“We are looking for participants who can serve as agents for change in their local context. People who can make a difference to the trend towards a more sustainable society. The idea behind the programme is to boost participants’ opportunities to change society. It would be great if employees could share the link to the programme and application in their networks.”

The first call for applications opened in February 2023. Two further calls are planned up until 2025. The link to the programme’s website offering more information can be found in the fact box below.