The pandemic has been dreadful in many ways, of course, in particular for everyone who has been ill or has suffered psychologically, and for those who work in healthcare.

But on the other hand, the pandemic and the social distancing requirements may have resulted in unexpected opportunities or openings. A chance to start again or to change habits and establish new routines.

Pandemic resolutions

For my own part, during the pandemic I began exercising in a better way than before in my life. I also found my way back to photography, which used to be one my big interests. This is fantastic. These are two things that I want to continue when life starts to return to a more normal state after the pandemic. These are promises to myself to change my habits, a kind of variant of New Year’s resolutions. Maybe we can call them pandemic resolutions?

Just like New Year’s resolutions, pandemic resolutions need a plan if they are to become reality. They won’t happen by themselves. As things stand at the time of writing, we will soon be returning to or have already returned to our workplaces, depending on what we do, and in this situation it is easy to fall back into old habits.

How do we maintain new, good habits and leave the less good ones behind?