The Elder Gustaf Adolf Medal is also known as the Hedlinger Medal, after the engraver Johann Carl Hedlinger. The medal can be awarded, in either gold or silver, to individuals who have served as dean for a very long term, department heads who have initiated and directed particularly valuable activities, and individuals who have performed highly valuable work on a task force or similar undertaking of major scope or long duration.

Recipients of the Elder Gustaf Adolf Medal in gold

Mats Edenius became Professor of Information Systems at the Faculty of Social Sciences in 2009. When three doctoral studies subject areas were merged to become the Department of Informatics and Media, he took on the role of first head of department and was immensely appreciated for his ability to organise and lead this very complex organisation. After being chosen as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences in 2017, Edenius served tirelessly as the faculty’s representative and advocate during the three years that followed, demonstrating intense commitment to the thirteen departments and institutes. His loyal support for the social sciences subjects in their pursuit of quality and excellence in both education and research was as genuine as it was exemplary.

In 1999, Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes became Professor of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. This made her the first female professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy and in 2017 she became the faculty’s first female dean. Hammarlund-Udenaes’s major roles in the faculty and in the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy include serving as chair of the Undergraduate and Master’s Education Committee at the Faculty of Pharmacy 1999–2003, deputy chair of the Research Training Committee, and Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy 2017–2020. As dean she worked intensively with the reorganisation of the faculty in 2019/20. In sum, in the course of a career at Uppsala University spanning more than 40 years, Hammarlund-Udenaes has combined new methods and influences with lessons from national and international networks in a continual endeavour to move the organisation forward to meet future needs.

Helena Danielson, Professor of Biochemistry, has made highly commendable contributions to the organisation, direction and development of the Department of Chemistry – BMC in her role as head of department since 2015. Leading the department during this period has entailed challenges in the form of necessary regeneration, development and adaptation to radically changing research and educational landscapes. Her achievements have built a strong department distinguished by successful and competitive research and education. This process of development has also equipped the department for future challenges. In addition to her significant achievements at the department, Danielson has also made major contributions to the work of the Section of Chemistry and the Faculty of Science and Technology. Moreover, she served with distinction both as deputy vice-rector and as vice-rector for a period prior to becoming head of department.

Recipient of the Elder Gustaf Adolf Medal in silver

Former head of division Erika Dabhilkar was appointed head of the International Office in the University Administration in 2012. During her ten years in this position, she made significant contributions to the development of the University’s internationalisation and to its growth in a direction that has benefited Uppsala University in its entirety, in terms of education, general research cooperation, and external engagement and collaboration.

Dabhilkar saw the opportunities inherent in the European Framework Programme and vigorously promoted the further development of the University’s involvement in the Erasmus (later Erasmus+) European Framework Programme for Education. This initiative achieved great success and in 2019 Uppsala University was Sweden’s most active participant in the programme. Dabhilkar has also played a key role in efforts to find ways for Swedish universities to conduct joint strategic international initiatives to enhance cooperation in research and education.