The Academic Teaching and Learning Unit at the Division for Quality Enhancement has put together information on various web-based alternatives to common types of instruction: lectures, seminars/discussions, and student activities that do not need to be led by a teacher.

“You can do more online than most people think, as teachers and students taking distance learning courses are very aware. Both the Student Portal and Studium offer opportunities to build up student environments that work well, and by using tools for electronic meetings such as Zoom, you can also meet the students in real time,” says Mats Cullhed of the Academic Teaching and Learning Unit, Uppsala University.

Some possible options:

  • Lectures – live or recorded – can easily be broadcast via Zoom. Alternatively, you can add sound to a PowerPoint presentation, use Screencasting, YouTube or record audio files.
  • For seminars and discussions, there are various online possibilities. Some excellent options include meeting students online using the electronic meetings tool Zoom, Big Blue Button (Studium) or some other discussion forum.
  • Group assignments for students can usefully be set up using various tools in Studium and the Student Portal.

You can read more here about how to build up a practical online environment for your teaching.