The Lab will stand on the ground floor of the Segerstedt Building, alongside the plant wall, and will run for 24 hours starting at 16:00 on 22 November.

The idea of The Lab is to raise the visibility of Uppsala University’s engineering programmes. Inside the glass cage, engineering students and students from other programmes will solve problems together, many of them with technical dimensions and many focusing on the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

“We want to show that students here at Uppsala University learn to work across disciplinary lines – and that makes our students stand out,” says Elin Eriksson, communications officer at the Office for Science and Technology, who is running the project.

“When engineering graduates go out into the world of work, it’s tremendously important that they can collaborate with lawyers, community planners and others – that they are able, quite simply, to solve problems together with other professionals. This is essential to solve the challenges of tomorrow’s world.”

Apart from the five students, the glass cage will receive visits from researchers, musicians and other guests. The events in the glass cage will be streamed live and used in the spring to market the University’s engineering programmes. So The Lab isn’t a research project, it’s a recruitment activity pure and simple – though with a difference.