What could warm the heart more than a course with the planet’s best interests in mind? Now you have the chance to treat yourself or a friend to a further education course that supports society’s climate transition. The courses examine the circular economy, battery technology and raw materials and range from areas such as technology, the natural sciences and computer science to procurement law and community planning.

“Open courses may prove to be a vital tool in terms of the climate transition and the lack of skills facing society,” notes Lena Strålsjö, senior faculty administrator and project manager responsible for coordinating Open to the Climate.

Study at your own pace

All of the courses are open to everybody, free of charge and without entry requirements. Most of the courses are what are known as ‘MOOCs’ – Massive Open Online Courses – and do not provide credits, although certain courses offer certificates to those who obtain a passing grade. The courses can be carried out at participants’ own pace, whenever and wherever they choose.