The University’s Examinations Coordination Office has drawn up a type of checklist with a number of measures to minimise COVID-19 infection in examination venues. The list has also been sent to departments. It is important not just for students but for teachers to be aware of this checklist. The information can help calm the anxieties some students may feel about taking an exam in an exam room.

The following applies at all examination venues at Uppsala University:

  • The admission to the exam premises starts earlier than normal, approximately 30 to 35 minutes before the start of the examination.
  • Students should be requested by their departments to be present at the exam premises in very good time in order to avoid queues.
  • Students wait outside the exam premises before being admitted (except for BMC where this is not possible).
  • Control of ID and registration is made directly when a student is admitted to the premises.
  • The staff makes sure that students keep their distance in the entrance halls.
  • Students are requested to be seated in the exam hall promptly.
  • Hand disinfectant is available in several places within the premises.
  • Singe-use vinyl gloves are available for anyone who would like to use these.
  • The bathrooms are cleaned more regularly than before.
  • The vigilators use face shields and single-use vinyl gloves.
  • Sneeze guards in plexiglass are in place on every invigilator's desk as well as inside the front doors.
  • When handing in exams on paper, this is done by one student at a time to avoid queues.