Having some form of HR policy has been discussed within the University for quite some time. The proposal was brought up, for example, in the recently concluded university-wide project related to the role of department head. The reason was that many department heads are seeking a more constructive spirit, in collaboration with various support activities within Uppsala University, because a great deal of department heads’ time and energy is devoted to complex human resources matters. They also believe there is a need for new tools that can be used in a long-term process towards cultural change between different parts of the University.

It is stated in the University’s policy document Mission, Goals and Strategies, that “academic freedom, collegial governance and student influence are fundamental principles at the University. All staff and students share a responsibility for the University’s development. The University’s activities are characterised by equal opportunities”.

A Human Resources Policy should clarify the responsibilities of employees and managers at the University and will be based on the Mission, Goals and Strategies, the University as an attractive employer and action proposals in the project on the role of department heads. A Human Resources Policy should be a tool for supporting managers, leaders and employees in various ways, such as in the recruitment process and carrying out performance dialogues.

This Human Resources Policy will also cover all staff categories.

The preparation of the policy will be accomplished by means of horizon scanning, research reviews, dialogue, seminars, workshops and comparable in order to generate the greatest possible support within the University.

Project leadership is shared between Mikael Jonsson, professor at the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering, and Anna Borlund, HR specialist with the Department of Human Resources.

The project is expected to begin in autumn 2021.