The Staff Policy highlights the University’s common values as set out in the Mission, Goals and Strategies by fleshing out and clarifying the responsibility, attitude and expected behaviour of staff towards each other.

The purpose of the Staff Policy is to promote a positive organisational and social work environment at the University. It is intended to serve as a preventive and standard-setting function, but it does not constitute a legally binding regulatory framework.

“Being happy at work and having a positive and creative work environment is important for us all and fundamental to our ability to develop our University. I hope the Staff Policy and accompanying discussion paper will encourage rewarding discussions throughout the University,” says Anders Hagfeldt, Vice-Chancellor.

Mats Larhed, who has served as chair of the project’s steering committee, hopes the Staff Policy will help develop a healthy work environment.

“If we are to create a better world, we need to work together. And to be able to work together, we need good organisation and a healthy work environment. The Staff Policy has been developed to achieve precisely those goals,” explains Larhed, Vice-Rector of the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy.

The Staff Policy covers all staff, regardless of their role. Managers are also members of staff, but they have a special responsibility for activities and staff.

Would you like to discuss the Staff Policy at your division or department?

Support materials for group discussions and guidance documents for anyone wanting to lead such discussions can be found here.