Uppsala University’s research evaluations are called Quality and Renewal (Q&R, or KoF in Swedish). Three of these University-wide research evaluations have previously been carried out at the University.

In December 2022, the Vice-Chancellor decided to order a fourth self-initiated University-wide research evaluation at Uppsala University, Quality and Renewal 2024 (Q&R24). Terms of reference for the evaluation were adopted at the same time.

While Q&R24 will result in a cohesive research evaluation at Uppsala University, it will be carried out in two parts: (1) an evaluation of two themes across the entire University, and (2) evaluations of research and research environments driven by disciplinary domains/faculties. This two-pronged approach will broaden and deepen our knowledge of the University's conditions for good research and research activities.

The two University-wide themes selected for evaluation are research infrastructure and interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. The evaluation will highlight the University’s strengths, weaknesses, needs and development areas in these two themes.