Could the number of citations of different publications be an appropriate measure? Or is adjusted Journal Impact Factor (JIF) the best way? These and many other questions related to bibliometrics will be discussed at a seminar on 15 June. Everyone at the disciplinary domain is welcome.

What new ways are there to measure scientific excellence through publications; can citations replace JIF?

The field of bibliometrics is developing strongly

The field of bibliometrics is evolving rapidly. Two driving forces behind this development are the increasing use of bibliometrics to measure and evaluate research and the development of information technology with larger databases and increasingly detailed information designed for bibliometric purposes.

Here in Uppsala, the Uppsala University Annual Bibliometric Monitoring (ABM) is carried out to produce statistics on publication volumes, publication rates, citation impact, collaboration and open access.

Uppsala University Annual Bibliometric Monitoring

The Resources Inquiry

The Disciplinary Domain Board of Medicine and Pharmacy annually allocates funds for research and education at the research training level to departments and other units. The system for allocating funds is complex and consists of several different elements.

The inquiry aims to provide a basis for a decision on a new resource allocation model in a broad and inclusive process aimed at achieving the vision of the disciplinary domain:

“The Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy, through research, education, development and innovation of the highest quality, contributes to better health and a better society”

The inquiry will propose one or more resource allocation models, including:

  • Ways to reward curiosity-driven and investigator-initiated research
  • Indicators of success and excellence, field-standardised for the different research areas
  • Ways to support translational projects
  • Ways to support the development of innovations
  • Ways to prioritise collaborations within and outside the University

The inquiry will consider changes to the following elements of the current resource allocation model:

  • The performance allocation (and the ALF activity allocation)
  • The premises allocation (and ALF premises funding)
  • The clinic factor
  • The share of the Faculty of Pharmacy