Why have we acquired Studio? Don’t we have enough systems as it is? We asked Mats Cullhed, educational developer at the University.

“Canvas Studio is a tool that will make it easier for teachers and students to work with video, and it also offers completely new ways of doing so,” Cullhed replies. “Until now, teachers who have recorded lectures, for example, in Zoom have lacked a place of their own where they can easily choose to make the recordings available to their students. That’s what Studio now offers them. Moreover, they can create interactive videos and monitor their students as they work on the material, a common feature of a ‘flipped classroom’ approach.”

Stina Bohman, project manager at University IT Services, highlights some functionalities available in Canvas Studio:

  • Teachers can upload media, such as recorded lectures or a video that someone else has put out on YouTube. They can also choose to restrict access to the video to participants in a particular course.  
  • Teachers can also record teaching material directly in Studio. For example, they can easily record themselves and their PowerPoint presentation while sitting at their computer. 
  • Students can use Canvas Studio to submit assignments in video form.
  • In Canvas Studio you can automatically add subtitles to recorded material – important for accessibility!

“If a teacher puts a video on a course page in Studium, the students can make comments and ask questions while watching the film. You can even include questions (quizzes) for students to answer while the film is playing,” says Bohman.

Canvas Studio works best in Uppsala University’s new learning management system Studium, though teachers can also use the service in courses in the Student Portal, with some limitations.

Welcome to a demonstration of Studio and its basic functions via Zoom!


All sessions last 30 minutes and take place at  https://uu-se.zoom.us/j/67633182184. No prior registration is required.

Wednesday 20 May, 11:15
Wednesday 27 May, 13:15 (in English)
Tuesday 2 June, 08:30

If you want to go on and learn more – register for one of the open Wednesday workshops 

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