The Vice Chancellor has recently taken a decision on hours for student access to campus buildings (UFV 2019/1656 dated 24 September).

The decision will be phased in, taking full effect after 31 October. Beginning 1 November, all campus buildings, except the Segerstedt Building, will be closed to students between midnight and 05:00 in the morning. Some parts of the University campus may be closed longer. 

The decision allows for extended hours of access to be granted for individual projects or events at the discretion of the University Director in consultation with the Chief Security Officer.

Study spaces during the night

To meet the need for study spaces during the night, the common areas at the Segerstedt Building will be accessible to students Monday through Thursday between 16:30 and 08:00 and on Friday until 21:00. The building will be closed on weekends, holidays and weekdays that fall between two holidays (“klämdagar”). Students wishing to study at the Segerstedt Building at night can access the building using their campus card and personal code. Students are responsible for themselves and their conduct while using the common areas at night. They are not permitted to allow unauthorised persons to enter the building (in accordance with the decision of the University Director dated 30 September: UFV 2019/1862).

Questions regarding hours of access: Contact Campus Management or contact the Security and Safety Division.

New contract for Campus Security

Beginning 1 September, Uppsala University has a new contract with Securitas. In accordance with the new contract, Campus Security will be on campus 24/7. This allows Campus Security to respond more quickly when they are needed, for example in case of an incident or problems with alarms or locks. Campus Security also provide assistance with fire drills, inspection of fire safety equipment, assistance in case of an evacuation and assistance in handling unauthorised, disruptive or destructive persons in the University’s buildings. 

Campus Security are based at the Segerstedt Building.

Campus Security can be contacted 24/7 by calling 018-471 25 00. 

For more information: Contact the Security and Safety Division,