1–31 October

It will not be possible to request interlibrary loans. The order form on the library’s website and Libris Interlibrary Loans will be temporarily disabled.

7 October–1 November

During this period of time:

  • Limitations to order from older/old catalogues at Carolina Rediviva.
  • No purchase of new resources. This applies to both printed and electronic resources. Purchase suggestion forms on the library’s website will be disabled.

28–31 October

During this period of time:

  • The library’s self-service machines will be temporarily turned off. Loans will be handled manually at the information counter. At unstaffed libraries, Ask the Library, the library’s digital help service, can assist during regular library hours.
  • Loans can be returned at the information counter at staffed libraries, or to return boxes at unstaffed libraries. Returned books will not be registered as returned until 1 November.
  • There will be a temporary stop in reservations and waiting lists for loans.
  • Requests from stacks will be temporarily on hold.

1 November

The new search and loan system will go live on 1 November. There will be limitations at times during this day or for the entire day:

  • Lending will not be possible. Otherwise, the same as above applies.
  • Access to the search service on the website, including electronic material, can be impacted.