As the University has procured agreements, the suppliers can normally stock a range of standard equipment and often deliver computers and peripheral equipment quickly. There is also a list of recommended IT equipment. All recommended computers have what is known as a client management system, which means that you as a user don’t need to think about issues surrounding programs, licences, security settings or updates. The client management also facilitates stocktaking and lifecycle management of IT equipment.

There is also a better chance that orders from the list of recommended IT equipment can be delivered at short notice.

Despite this, deliveries and help with installation may take a little longer before and during the coming Christmas, New Year and Epiphany holidays.

To ensure that you are able to get your IT equipment before or right after the holidays, orders therefore need to be placed as soon as possible and by 5 November 2022 at the latest.

Note that orders placed from 21 November 2022 may have an invoice date later than 31 December 2022.