The Vice-Chancellor has set aside SEK 2 million for a climate pot for projects and initiatives that can make a tangible contribution to reducing the University’s climate impact. Members of staff, students and organisational units have been invited to submit applications and the Vice-Chancellor has now decided that the following projects will receive funding from the climate pot.

Inspiration for climate action
Project leaders: Vanja Selander and Anne-Marie Landtblom, Department of Neuroscience

Reduced climate impact from the Erasmus Programme
Project leader: Sara Laginder, Division for Internationalisation

On campus food farm
Project leaders: Sagnik Sinha Roy, Otilia Björndahl João and Ian Snowball, Department of Earth Sciences
Update 27 November 2020: Planting food for thought (external link to Ergo)

Sustainable lab initiative
Project leader: Brian McCarthy, Department of Chemistry (Ångström)
Read more about this project in the article “Initiative for more sustainable labs”, which includes an appeal to anyone interested to help establish a network.

Videoconference facility and transition to greener student unions
Project leaders:
Måns Bengtsson, Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students
Åsa Kassman Rudolphi, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Sustainable travel integrated with a social and academic programme
Project leader: Joakim Crona, Department of Medical Sciences

Train conferences
Project leaders:
Olivia Andersson, Uppsalaekonomerna
Arne Sjöblom, Department of Business Studies