As you may have noticed, these days the University has a theme on its external website. The theme serves as an umbrella for relevant research communication in articles, films and podcasts. On the start page, the theme generally appears as the top, broad image (though it is sometimes replaced if necessary, for example before application deadlines).

Themes were introduced in connection with the launch of the central external webpages in the new publishing tool for the University’s website in summer 2023.

The current theme is “Freedom”. The associated items include articles and a column on academic freedom.

As the news editors like to ask for thoughts, opinions and tips on one issue or another (see examples in the fact box below), this naturally seems like an excellent opportunity to ask what members of staff at the University think about the concept of freedom.

Write to the editors to tell us what comes to mind when you think about freedom.

The editors will collect the responses and publish an article about them in due course.