The Speech and Language Pathology Programme wants to have contact with parents of children, who together with the child want to participate in an important part of the students' education. You can live in Uppsala or in a nearby town.

Speech and language pathologists work, among other things, with children who have a developmental language disorder or eating and swallowing difficulties. In order for the students to gain good knowledge of children's typical language development and ways of eating, the students during the education can follow and observe a child's development, by visiting the child a couple of times a year (approx. 1 hour / time).

Participation is not subject to any requirements. Children in multilingual homes are just as welcome as children in Swedish-speaking homes.

At the end of the students' education, you will receive copies of the films made with your child during the observations.

Do you want to join / get more information?

Please contact speech and language pathologist Maria Krüger Vahlquist on telephone 018-471 47 41, or, by March 27 2023.