At the meeting of the University Board on 14 December, Internal Audit presented four reports:

  • Contract education (UVF 2020/1510)
  • Strategic talent attraction (UFV 2021/1793)
  • Follow-up on “Information and communication” (UFV 2021/1795)
  • Information security work (UFV 2021/1794).

In all four reports, Internal Audit identified various problems and development needs, and the Vice-Chancellor’s views on the matter and the actions planned to address the problems were presented at the meeting. The University Board approved the plans.

Here is a very brief summary of the audits conducted in each area and planned actions:

Contract education

Internal Audit considers that internal management and control could be improved in a number of areas. The objectives of contract education at University-wide level should be given more detail, the mandate of the Division for Contract Education should be reviewed, the division of responsibilities should be reviewed and compliance with the rules should be monitored regularly. A control to ensure that registration complies with the rules is also needed.

An inquiry will look into defining more precise objectives. An evaluation of the Division for Contract Education has identified similar problems to those identified by Internal Audit and several actions are already in progress to address many of these problems.

Strategic talent attraction

Among other things, Internal Audit considers that there is a need for improvement in the systematic evaluation and follow-up of completed initiatives. There is also no University-wide talent attraction process with responsibility for leading and managing the process.

The Vice-Chancellor intends to carry out a review and propose improvements with regard to responsibilities, roles, the harmonisation of governance documents, and better information in the University Administration’s operational plan for 2022.

Follow-up on “Information and communication”

In the follow-up on the previous audit, Internal Audit considers that there is still a need to improve the internal management and control of communication activities and that these documents need to be harmonised with the rules for governance documents. Furthermore, the coordinating role of the Communications Division needs to be clarified.

A revision of the University’s communications policy is under way and the revised version will be established by the Vice-Chancellor by June 2022 at the latest, along with a revised communications strategy. The coordination task of the Communications Division will be clarified by the end of 2021. An evaluation of the Communications Division will also be planned in 2022.

Information security work

Internal Audit considers that there is a need for improvement in terms of governance, systematisation, efficiency and compliance in relation to areas such as structured and systematic planning, and coordination and support.

An inquiry will be launched, tasked with making concrete proposals in the area of information security. The inquiry will include the University Administration, the disciplinary domain boards and faculty boards, heads of department, researchers and other stakeholders.