Students and colleagues nominate the Distinguished Teaching Award recipients. The Vice-Chancellor selects the final recipients based on suggestions from a drafting committee consisting of eight teachers and eight students. This year, 72 teachers were nominated. Each recipient receives SEK 20,000.

Normally, the recipients are surprised at their workplace when the Deputy Vice-Chancellor informs them of their award, and they are celebrated by their colleagues. During the pandemic, however, the announcement was made over Zoom.

Recipients and explanatory statements:

Professor Gunnel Ekroth at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History was awarded the 2021 Distinguished Teaching Award in the disciplines of theology, humanities and educational sciences.

Gunnel Ekroth is a committed teacher who is greatly appreciated by colleagues and students at every level of education. In particular, she is known for her clear, precis and inclusive way of communicating in her teaching and feedback. The high demands Gunnel Ekroth places in her teaching are combined with an exemplary ability to listen, acknowledge and link to other speakers. She integrates her factual approach with humour.

Senior Lecturer Stefan Zetterström at the Department of Law received the 2021 Distinguished Teaching Award in the disciplines of law and the social sciences.

With exuberance, inspiration and an interest in law in general and property law in particular, Stefan Zetterström’s joy and enthusiasm are contagious among students and colleagues. His teaching includes stimulating challenges and developing feedback; his interaction with students and willingness to laugh contribute to an enjoyable learning environment. Through numerous textbooks, Stefan Zetterström also shares his breadth of subject knowledge and educational expertise outside of the classroom.

Senior Lecturer Anne-Lie Svensson at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences was presented with the 2021 Distinguished Teaching Award in the disciplines of medicine and pharmacy.

Anne-Lie Svensson is appreciated by students for her commitment and warm approach to teaching. She focuses on students and creating good conditions for learning. The desire to constantly develop her teaching is seen in her participation in educational conferences, even at the national level, and the experiences she then shares in her role as educational leader. Anne-Lie Svensson’s faculty-wide efforts include her central role in the work to improve the quality of the undergraduate programme in Pharmacy.

Senior Lecturer Seidon Alsaody at the Department of Mathematics was awarded the 2021 Distinguished Teaching Award in the disciplines of mathematics, science, and engineering and technology.

With urbane and funny examples and interactive teaching, Seidon Alsaody nurtures curiosity in a time of uncertainty and anxiety. By allowing students to collect points throughout the course, he minimised student stress and anxiety ahead of the final examination. With quizzes after each lecture, he solidifies the knowledge students gain. Students note that they would have happily attended the course just to experience his well-functioning system and the interaction and respect he showed.

Independent Distinguished Teaching Award

Resident physician Lars Lundin at the Department of Surgical Sciences has been recognized with the 2021 Independent Distinguished Teaching Award “for educational efforts and creative solutions during the transition to digital forms of instruction and physically distanced education”.

Lars Lundin’s teaching is characterised by commitment and a professional approach that produces a creative learning environment. With a willingness to listen, respect and high availability, he ensures his students feel seen. During the transition to digital forms of instruction, he created an innovative, interactive teaching environment with hybrid lessons that used digital tools to replace hands-on lessons and he provided feedback online. Through continual development, Lars Lundin succeeds in combining theory with clinical skills and helps his students achieve a high level of digital competency to ensure they are well-prepared for their future careers.