Alumni relations at Uppsala University have several aims.

Jorja Zambars foto David Naylor

‘One of the aims of our alumni relations is to nurture the relationships that the University has established with alumni during their studies and also to help them stay in touch with each other,’ explains Jorja Zambars, the University's International Alumni Coordinator. ‘At the same time, we give them the opportunity to make new contacts that can be valuable for their future careers. Another aim is to inform and update them about what is happening at the University, about ongoing research and to invite them to events organised by the University and our alumni associations.’

What do alumni associations do and who can start an association?

Within the alumni network, there are some 30 alumni associations that offer their members opportunities to meet and stay in touch. The associations organise regular reunions, lectures, pub nights and other activities for their members.

‘Any alumni in the network can start an association, but there must be enough people willing to get involved in the association's operations and board, explains Jorja Zambars. ‘You must have a link to a department, unit, centre, training programme or the like. You can also start an international alumni chapter that is cross-disciplinary and open to all alumni living in the same city or country outside Sweden. The association can be based here in Uppsala or anywhere in the world.

Study and survey to strengthen cooperation

A study is currently underway (ref no UFV 2021/1045) to identify measures to strengthen the University's cooperation with national and international alumni. The study is being carried out on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor. The aim is to engage alumni to contribute to the strengthening of the University's education and research.

Part of the study is a survey that was being conducted in spring/sumer 2022 to consider the conditions and needs for alumni relations in different parts of the University. The survey was aimed at University employees who encounter alumni, who work with alumni issues today or who would like to do so. (The survey is no longer active.) 

New tool kits for alumni associations

Jorja Zambars has worked at the University for eight years. As of 2022, she will work full-time with international alumni alongside team leader Noelia Ollvid. One position is currently vacant, but will hopefully be filled after summer. This person will work with Swedish alumni.

This spring, Jorja Zambars and her colleagues have worked on updating information about alumni relations on the employee portal.

“We have expanded the information and made it clearer for employees and alumni to find their way around. This is part of our effort to develop new tool kits to increase our support from here.”