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Project terms of reference for phase 1

Within the framework of the ‘Mandate for further development of e-learning at Uppsala University’ (UFV 2013/1558), the working group, e2014, submitted a number of proposals in December 2014.

After considering the comments of the international panel in early 2015, the working group presented recommendations on two particularly high-priority projects in May 2015, together with proposals on a number of other areas where development was desirable.

The present terms of reference cover phase one of the implementation of the two high-priority projects, which concerns the introduction of a new learning management system and skills development in e-learning, as defined in e2014. Phase one will run for just over one year.

For further information, see the document Uppdrag om kvalitets-utveckling inom e-lärandeområdet vid Uppsala universitet - Direktiv för fas 1 (In Swedish).

For further information on the decision of the Vice-Chancellor, see the document Rektorsbeslut e-lärande fas 1 (In Swedish).