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FAQs about the New Learning Management System project

Here are some questions and answers about Uppsala University's New Learning Management System project. This webpage is continuously updated. The most recent questions are shown first. If you have any comments or questions concerning the new learning management system, please email the project coordinators at

Which is the new learning management system?

Is it possible to get access to Blackboard now to test the system?
Uppsala university recently got access to Blackboard and we have just started the implementation process. Blackboard will be available for teachers and administrators in March 2018 according to the preliminary time plan. At that time it will be possible for teachers and administrators to plan courses that will be held in the autumn 2018 or later. User support and education activities will also start in March 2018. For now, we refer users to Blackboard resources online, for example on YouTube. It should be stressed that the Uppsala university installation of the system may differ from how it looks and works in other organisations.

What is a learning management system?
Every university has a learning management system (LMS) for courses and programmes. The LMS can contain a range of more or less advanced teaching tools. In their courses the students can, for example, communicate with teachers and fellow students, retrieve course materials, submit assignments and tests etc. At present, the Student Portal at Uppsala University is the main system used.

What does the project New Learning Management System at Uppsala University involve?
The University has procured a new learning management system (LMS) to replace, in the long term, the present centrally managed learning systems: Ping Pong, Moodle at Campus Gotland, and parts of the Student Portal.

Will the Student Portal be discontinued?
No, the Student Portal will exist for another few years. Once a new LMS is in place, courses and teaching will be transferred to it. This process will take place successively, with support provided for the users. When teaching no longer takes place in the Student Portal, it will nonetheless remain for as long as it is needed to ensure good functionality for course and study administration.

When did work on procuring a new LMS begin?
The project group, with representatives from all the disciplinary domains, had its first meeting in August 2016. In mid-September, the steering group met. Information about the project is published on an ongoing basis on the project page in Medarbetarportalen (the Employee Portal).

Why does Uppsala University need a new learning management system when good systems for the teaching here already exist?
In 2013 a working group, e2014, was assigned to explore ways of further developing e-learning at the University. One of its conclusions was that the Student Portal is not considered capable of meeting students’ and teachers’ needs fast enough. A major LMS, one of those in widespread international use, was the primary recommendation. This would make it easier to guarantee the system’s development, stability and security. It would also simplify collaboration. Read more (in Swedish) about e2014 on Medarbetarportalen.
The LMS installations with central support currently in place at Uppsala University (Ping Pong and Moodle at Campus Gotland) are being phased out.

The Student Portal works well, surely. So why not develop it further, instead of switching to a new system?
Uppsala University does not have the capacity and resources to develop the educational parts of the Student Portal into an LMS that is comparable to internationally established systems on the market, with an equally rapid rate of development.

What will the new system mean for the students?
The aim is, in the long term, to offer the University’s students a uniform digital teaching environment for both campus and distance courses. There will be a successive introduction of the new LMS.

When is the new system to be introduced?
The introduction will start in the Spring semester of 2018 and continue for a couple of years to ensure full support for all users.

What is it expected to cost?
Reform always entails extra costs over a period. Uppsala University needs more than one system to operate concurrently during a transitional period. At present, it is not possible to specify the exact cost in SEK.


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