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Usability tests for employees

As part of the procurement of a new learning management system, employees are invited to test the systems that meet the mandatory requirements.

The objective of the tests is to give teachers and administrators the opportunity to evaluate the usability of the systems. The evaluation will focus on the basic functionality at the core of daily teaching routines in a learning management system.

There is confidentiality regarding the number of learning platforms tested and which ones. You will not, therefore, know which learning platform you are testing. 

  • The tests will take place in September during weeks 36-38 (4-22 September) in the Blåsenhus premises and on Campus Gotland.* Computers with testing environments will be provided for use.
  • The test will take about two hours to complete.
  • Each person will test only one system.
  • Employees who participate in the test will receive a backpack as a thank-you gift.


Application for employees at Uppsala University is now closed as we have received a very large number of applications.

*Preliminary testing dates at Campus Gotland are Wednesday 20 September and Thursday 21 September. 

More information about the new learning management system

If you have any questions, please contact