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Research environment questionnair - Q&R17

Like previous research evaluations, Q&R17 will consist of self-evaluation, bibliometric analysis and external assessment. A new feature in this round is that a questionnaire targeting teaching and research staff, including doctoral students, is being carried out to provide data for use in the self-evaluation exercise and by the visiting external panel.

The research environment questionnaire is being sent to more than 6,000 individuals engaged in research at Uppsala University. Note that the questionnaire is also addressed to clinical practitioners engaged in research at, or associated with, Uppsala University. The questionnaire is sent by QuickSearch on behalf of Uppsala University.

A high response rate is important to ensure that the results of the questionnaire survey are reliable and provide useful input for the development of the University’s research environments. All research environments will be asked to reflect upon both strengths and weaknesses. What will be assessed in the final analysis is the capacity of the research environment for reflection and its preparedness to take necessary measures.

You can answer the questionnair between 6 and 30 of september. You can choose whether to respond in Swedish or in English.

Processing of questionnaire responses

At least ten respondents are required for a particular department/equivalent or subsidiary unit to have its results presented separately. Quantitative results will be compiled in tabular form while responses to the open questions will be reported in full. However, in order to protect the integrity these responses will be revised by staff at Quality and Evaluation. The compilation of responses to the questionnaire will be sent to heads of department/equivalent ahead of the self-evaluation exercise, and will later also be distributed to each panel of assessors.

If you have received two questionnaires, this is because our information shows that you are active in two different research environments. Please answer both questionnaires, based on your experience of each research environment. (If you have received one questionnaire and would like to answer an additional questionnaire for another research environment that you participate in, please email to

If you have any questions about the questionnaire survey, you are welcome to email to, or contact one of the below:

Maria Björnermark                   

Anders Waxell

Camilla Maandi