Development throughout the University

Several development projects spanning the whole of Uppsala University are under way in administration, building construction and core activities to support education and research.

Administrative development projects

A number of priority administrative development projects are managed in a joint steering group and project portfolio for the University administration. The steering group consists of:

  • Katarina Bjelke, university director
  • Kerstin Jacobsson, deputy university director
  • Kay Svensson, deputy university director
  • Mia Lindegren, IT director
  • Håkan Mo, head of unit at Planning Division
  • Doris Solander, administrative director at Faculty Offices; Office for Medicine and Pharmacy

The steering group decides on project plans and major changes in these plans, and advises the University Director ahead of strategic decisions regarding the project portfolio. Operational decisions are taken by the University Director and other staff in charge of various functions according to the University’s delegation procedure.

When an individual project is presented, a project owner from the functional area concerned joins the steering group, and project managers may also do the same.

The number of projects included in the portfolio varies over time. At present, it includes about ten projects and subprojects on varying scales.