Division for Quality Enhancement

"Quality work is predicated upon a quality culture characterised by constant reappraisal and renewal driven by teachers, students and other employees."

From the Programme for Quality Work (Swedish)

The Division for Quality Enhancement supports quality work at Uppsala University, that is, constant improvement of all operations at the University.

The Division for Quality Enhancement (former Unit for Quality Enhancement and Academic Teaching and Learning) was established Oct 1st, 2015, and consists of the units Quality and Evaluation together with Academic Teaching and Learning. The reorganization has not involved any changes in assignment or staff composition.

Leaflet about the Division.

The mission of the Division is:

  • to support the quality work pursued in University operations and to contribute to the coordination and showcasing of various initiatives,
  • to carry out pan-University evaluations, provide support for local evaluation work and in connection with assessments by the Swedish Higher Education Authority
  • to provide support for biometric analyses and ranking matters
  • to promote educational development within the University by providing teacher training courses and other services
  • to promote gender- and diversity-aware teaching, teaching for sustainable development and the use of IT as a tool in teaching and educational development efforts
  • to develop and promote forms of educational leadership within the University
  • to coordinate the allocation of dedicated grants for educational development and to propose decisions regarding the Distinguished Teaching Award
  • to monitor and highlight national and international developments and research in the fields of quality development and academic teaching and learning and to initiate activities prompted by them.

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Staff at the Division for Quality Enhancement