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The Equal Opportunities Award

Uppsala University's Council for Equal Opportunities is awarding for outstanding efforts to promote equal opportunities at Uppsala University.

The winner of the Equal Opportunities Award will receive 25 000 SEK in the form of a grant to be used to finance actions that will improve equal opportunities at the University.

Coworkers and students at Uppsala University are welcome to nominate a person or group working at the University. Both coworkers and students may be nominated.

Examples of actions:

  • Actions to counteract discrimination and harassments
  • Norm critical pedagogy
  • Actions to promote equal opportunities in recruitment processes
  • Leadership that promotes equal opportunities
  • Actions to forward gender mainstreaming

Nominations should be submitted by 31 January 2018 to the address below.

To nominate you have to use the intended form.
Download nomination form in Word.

It is recommended that the proposer informs the person/persons that are nominated. 

The winner of the Equal Opportunities Award will be announced at this year's Equal Opportunities Day 13 March.

Send nomination to:
Paul Bengtsson
HR-avdelningen, HR-enhet TekNat
Box 256
751 05 Uppsala