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The University Administration

The University Administration provides the support that the University Management and Disciplinary Domain and Faculty Boards requires for undertaking initiatives, preparing matters, making decisions, implementing measures, and conducting follow-ups and evaluations. These can involve everything from Mission and Core Values to more practical plans and measures.

The University Administration encompasses University-wide functions such as financial administration, human resources, legal affairs, communications, the international office, the student division, student administration, management of the University’ premises, and more. All units within the University Administration are subordinate to the Head of the Administration.

Head of the Administration: University Director Katarina Bjelke

Custodial office
IT support for the University Administration: e-mail or emergency phone 471 17 70, 8-16:30 p.m.

Visiting address: S:t Olofsgatan 10 B, 753 12 Uppsala
Postal address: Box 256, 751 05 UPPSALA